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Industrial Frigo is a family

Our strength lies in the ability to listen and offer solutions that can guarantee full customer satisfaction

A story born
in the 1960s

Industrial Frigo srl was founded in 1969 by the entrepreneur Penocchio Camillo; its first production site was launched in 1970 in Calcinato Brescia, over a surface of 2.500 sq. m.
The company built its experience in the cooling system and thermoregulation sector, achieving levels of know-how which today make it one of the world’s leading firms in the sector.
Industrial Frigo revenues (€ million)
Industrial Frigo employees (units)

Constant growth

Our propensity for research and the reliability of our products have allowed the firm to constantly grow

Foundation of Industrial Frigo


Expansion of the offices


12000 sq. m. expansion of production headquarters


UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

Industrial Frigo Service

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo SERVICE division

Industrial Frigo Service

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo ENGINEERING division

Industrial Frigo Engineering

Acquisition of the LUBA service firm


Creation of the
Industrial Frigo Ice division

Industrial Frigo Ice

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo Polska branch

Industrial Frigo Polska

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo Atex

Industrial Frigo Atex

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo do Brasil branch

Industrial Frigo do Brasil

6500 sq. m. expansion of production headquarters


Creation of the
Industrial Frigo Sud America branch

Industrial Frigo Sud America

Creation of the
Industrial Frigo USA branch

Industrial Frigo USA

10000 sq. m. expansion of production headquarters


Creation of the
Industrial Frigo Deutschland branch

Industrial Frigo DE

Industrial Frigo Ice becomes an independent company

Industrial Frigo Ice

Joint venture with Regloplas,
giving birth to REGLOCHILL

Industrial Frigo Reglochill

Industrial Frigo can boast an 32.000 sq. m. production site


Our philosophy


Thanks to our enthusiasm, our teamwork and our values, we aim to achieve perfection in the field of thermoregulation and in the management of production processes requiring cooling systems, making use of the best technologies and of the thrill of intellectual commitment born from a quest for perfection in everything we do.


To be the reference point for excellence in the field of thermoregulation and cooling management. To be the most innovative company, offering the best products. Thanks to these achievements, to grow and become a leading high-range player on the world market, creating value.


Our key values are passion for excellence, intended as love for the beautiful and the well-performed, and ethics, intended as the creation of long-term value by means of sustainability, transparency and the valorisation of employees. We aim to improve, led by the passion we feel for everything we do.

Company certifications

CE Certification - Industrial Frigo
Certificazione CE

Tutti i prodotti Industrial Frigo sono conformi alla direttiva europea PED 2014/68/UE (ex 97/23/CE).
UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification - Industrial Frigo

Il sistema di gestione aziendale di Industrial Frigo è certificato secondo la normativa UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
ERP Certification - Industrial Frigo
Certificazione ERP

Industrial Frigo ha raggiunto tutti gli obiettivi di efficienza energetica ed è conforme alla Direttiva Ecodesign Europea.
F-GAS Certification - Industrial Frigo
Certificazione F-GAS

Certificazione per l'installazione, la manutenzione e la riparazione di apparecchiature contenenti F-gas.

Quality Policy

The company management aims to produce quality machinery, thanks to the commitment, the seriousness and the profound passion that all the personnel have in their daily work.
We are determined to pursue continuous improvement in everything we do and our greatest aspiration is to be considered by our customers as irreplaceable partners, capable of understanding and satisfying their needs and improving their processes and achieving the highest energy efficiency possible.

The organization and business operations are based on a Quality Management System. This system takes the form of well-defined processes, applied in a systematic, planned and a documented way, with the following purposes:

1. Obtain full customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
2. Operate competitively on the market, improving management results.
3. Control and optimize business processes, assessing risks and opportunities, in such a way as to foresee and prevent problems, correcting non-conformities due to waste and defects and with a view to continuously improving performance and its management system for the quality.


The patents born from Industrial Frigo’s
know-how and innovation


Integrated water-saving cooling system for industrial processing plants. This system is designed for cooling industrial machinery and plants, in particular hydraulic power units, machinery used for plastic and rubber processing, for die-casting machinery, galvanic plants, ceramics presses and machines used for any other industrial process.


The “SIREG” series water coolers are integrated units featuring a sophisticated and fully automatic integrated-process water cooling system. The “SIREG” units combine the typical vapour compression chiller system with Free Cooling, which allows to use the environment air to cool the process water when operational conditions permit it.


Thermoregulation system with simultaneous pressurized and de-pressurized water for industrial processing plants.
A system used in many industrial sectors, in particular for controlling the temperatures of machine presses for plastic material processing.


The HYDROFOG COOLING hydro-pneumatic thermoregulation uses the thermal characteristics of water to obtain a high number of specific temperature control areas and significant cooling power, with minimum use of space. The main advantage these systems offer is a noteworthy optimization of productivity combined with relevant energy savings and increased safety for users.

The group

Industrial Frigo
Industrial Frigo Engeneering
Industrial Frigo Service
Industrial Frigo ATEX Chillers
Industrial Frigo Brasil
Industrial Frigo Latino America
Industrial Frigo Polska
Industrial Frigo Deutschland
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