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BRIF, refrigeration systems for the food sector

From the joint venture between Bonera Refrigerazioni and Industrial Frigo has been established BRIF, a company specialized in refrigeration systems

We are proud to announce BRIF, a joint venture between Industrial Frigo s.r.l. and Bonera Refrigerazioni

This new project is specialized in refrigeration systems and temperature management in the food & beverage industry

BRIF is the result of the collaboration of two companies with long experience in the refrigeration sector: Industrial Frigo, founded in 1970, has established itself over time as a leader in the conception, design and construction of advanced systems for industrial refrigeration; Bonera Refrigerazioni has been involved in the refrigeration of food processes for over thirty years.

Thanks to the combination of skills and technologies, the newborn company operates in various sectors, starting from the wine industry and the production of alcoholic beverages: with over 150 client companies and more than 20 million bottles per year managed with the help of refrigeration systems, BRIF is able to offer a wide range of solutions for companies of all sizes.

In addition to serving the wine industry, BRIF is also involved in refrigeration systems for cold storage rooms, conservation and cold chain management in the food industry. More than 2 million cubic metres of food products are in fact cooled and managed with the help of temperature control systems produced by BRIF.

Finally, with over 25 million litres of milk every year and more than 180 customer companies operating in the dairy and milk sector, BRIF also offers solutions for refrigeration and temperature management in the dairy industry and milk production.

The proposed plants use the most advanced technologies to optimize the management and distribution of cold, and BRIF, thanks to decades of experience, is able to provide assistance in all phases necessary for the construction of the plant, starting from the estimate, then from executive projects, construction testing and commissioning.

By integrating the management of the chillers with the plant supervision system, it is possible to take advantage of the INDUSTRY 4.0 hyper-amortisation.

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